Windows 10 Position Statement

The Georgian Court University Office of Information Technology (OIT) will periodically issue position statements on the status of various technologies and their use at the university.

The current standard for the Microsoft Windows operating system installed and supported by the Office of Information Technology is Windows 7.

Windows 10 is the latest operating system from Microsoft. It is not yet supported by OIT.

All operating system installations and upgrades on university-owned computers are planned and performed only by The Office of Information Technology. No member of the GCU community may install or upgrade software on a university-owned computer.

Students are reminded that laptops provided to you upon your entry to the university as a First-time Full-time Freshman remain the property of Georgian Court until you leave the university, at which time they can be either returned to OIT or purchased for personal use.

University-owned computers presented to OIT or discovered by OIT that do not have Windows 7 installed, will be re-imaged with Windows 7.

Requests to provide support for Windows 10 personal computers will be respectfully declined.

As of February 2016, OIT does not plan to move university computers to Windows 10 or support Windows 10 before the summer of 2017.

OIT's position on Windows 10 will be reviewed in the summer of 2016.