Technology Workshops

We’re pleased to announce the latest schedule of workshops for faculty and staff

Blackboard Basics and Information Systems

An overview of Information Systems will cover basic procedures, policies and timelines. This workshop will also show a Blackboard basic system overview; then you will have hands-on practice in course structure/menu formatting, tools, creating and uploading content.

Using Rubrics in Blackboard

In this workshop, you will learn how to create assignment rubrics in Blackboard, how to attach it to an assignment, choose settings and grade with the rubric.

Creating Assignments and Discussions

You will have hands-on practice creating various types of assignments and discussion forums. Grading assignments and discussions will also be practiced in this workshop.

Blackboard Grade Center

This workshops provides an overview of the grade center’s functionality; viewing assignments; how to create columns; changing categories; and creating weighted grades. There is also hands-on in a practice course.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the Classroom

Learn how to use the Solstice App to display and share content in the classroom. This real-time application enables multiple users to display assignments, share, and collaborate wirelessly from their laptop or mobile device.

Classroom Display Technology

In this workshop, learn how to annotate directly on the Aquos display monitor in the classroom using the Pen software. The Pen software allows you to utilize the touch screen, and use the display board as a virtual white board.

The Registration Process

You can find dates and times for technology workshops on the university's Master Calendar. Search for a workshop by name or select the Administrative calendar and filter for the Information Technology Department. In the Calendar view, click on a workshop to see a brief description and click on "more" to see details. In the Search view, click the small square in the last column to see details.

The details panel includes a link that you can use to register for the workshop.

Please Note: The registration process works best in the Chrome browser. If you have difficulty logging into the registration system, please contact or call 732-987-2222.

But wait! There's more...

Future Workshops will focus on Blackboard course design quality, continuous design improvement and using instructional technology in the face to face classroom. Also Powerpoint and the Pen software, and using the Solstice Pod to allow students to display their content in the classroom from their own devices.

Don’t see the workshop you need, or the dates won’t work for you? Please contact:

Kathy Marino, PhD
Director of Instructional Technology
JH 144A